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It's All About Looks...

Graphic Do's and Don'ts

Are you posting on social media or sending a newsletter for your business? Do you make your own graphics? Check out the following do's and don'ts to keep in mind so your audience will be able to read them clearly.

1. Too Many Fonts

Choose just two, maybe three, fonts, so every graphic is cohesive. If you choose too many fonts to use on one image, in your newsletter, or even website, it is too busy and confusing.

2. How Many Colors?

Another important thing to consider is your colors. Like with fonts, having too many doesn't flow, and it's just too hard to read. Sometimes you can use up to five colors; be consistent and use the same ones.
Throughout this page, you will see that all the colors are the same. Also, all the graphics are the same size.

3. Typos and Punctuation

Check for misspelled words and improper punctuation--not just once, but two or even three times. Do you need that apostrophe or comma? Maybe even have someone else look it over before posting or sending it.

4. Spacing

Spacing is another critical aspect of designing graphics. It would be best if you gave your reader a place for the eye to rest. If your words and images cover the whole area, they aren't sure what to look at first. 

Help to draw their eye into your words. 

Now it is All In Order

Here you see all of the above tips put into place. I love using my creative side to design images for my clients, whether for a logo, business card, social media post, newsletter, or website update. 

A butterfly reminds you to enjoy each moment. A blue butterfly can help you find calm and joy in any situation. It represents open communication and reliability.
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