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All In Order With Carrie

I have a simple, wonderful, easy approach to pricing:

  • $50 an hour for my services, available in a 10-hour package


  • $65 an hour for my services, available in a 5-hour package

  • $75 for hours booked individually

In all cases, I offer these as an “All In Order With Carrie Virtual Debit Card.” You buy the quantity you want upfront and use it at whatever pace and for whatever services (or combination) you like. The debit card is good for six months from the date of purchase. No contracts or monthly minimums are required.

Carrie Debit Card

Click here to schedule 30 minutes with me to find out how we might work together.

It’s free.  It’s 30 minutes.  It’s all about you.

All In Order With Carrie

"As soon as I met Carrie, I knew she was the right VA for me...With each project I send her way, Carrie quickly delivers exactly what I want and more. "       ~Jennifer

"I have been working with and having her assistance in the operation of my LinkedIn account. She is very knowledgeable and makes things easy to understand. She is trustworthy, patient, and very competent in her skills. I highly recommend her for any Virtual Assistant needs you may have."          ~Linda

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