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Client Praise


Scotti Moser

Scotti Moser Coaching and Gray Law

I highly recommend Carrie for all your virtual assistant needs. I have worked with many VAs, and Carrie is by far the best. She has superior knowledge of the technical aspects of any project, plus is willing to learn new tech programs if need be. She responds quickly and completes projects when she says she will. You never have to wonder what's going on or check in; she keeps you updated. Perhaps, the biggest bonus is that she will think independently, research, and suggest options that better fit your needs. Carrie is great at what she does and is a pleasure to work with! 


Belinda Sandor

Founder & Chief Cheerleader

The VA Connection

Carrie is an invaluable member of my team. She is thoughtful, thorough, and dependable. She works independently, which is a dream, given my hectic schedule. I trust her completely to work with my community members, students and act on my behalf. Carrie is also great at understanding the big picture of our mission and offers excellent suggestions. I am grateful to have her helping me grow my community, and I recommend her wholeheartedly. 


Pam Hatley

Mrs. Hatley's Violin and Music

Carrie is professional, efficient, quick to understand, and immensely patient, and every project is completed on time.  She is a total delight to work with!  I highly recommend her as a virtual assistant.


Carrie has removed so many stresses in my life.  I have been able to hand her every administrative task I used to struggle with, allowing me to focus on my teaching.  She coordinates invoicing for my students, designs and completes recital programs, and has cleaned up my desktop, emails, and organized files.  


I have total confidence in Carrie and highly recommend her.


Jen Nelson

Jen Nelson Coaching

As soon as I met Carrie, I knew she was the right VA for me.  Carrie understood exactly what I needed and was asking for, unlike other VAs I had interviewed.  With each project I send her way, Carrie quickly delivers exactly what I want and more.  Working with Carrie has been an asset in getting my coaching business up and running.   

Courtney Robinson

Speaker & Style Mentor

I am delighted to recommend Carrie as a virtual assistant of exceptional competence. She came highly recommended and played a pivotal role in my Summer Style Lab Workshops. Her remarkable ability to engage potential clients on Facebook and LinkedIn led to a substantial increase in workshop registrations. Carrie’s meticulous coordination and proactive approach ensured a seamless participant experience. With her support, I welcomed nearly 30 new participants, making the workshops a resounding success. Carrie’s expertise and dedication make her an excellent choice for your virtual assistant needs. 


April B.


~worked together at quilt shop

and insurance office

I have known Carrie McWherter for over 20 years on a personal basis.  I have also had the distinct opportunity and pleasure to work with her professionally in both retail and office settings.


In the workplace, I have found her to be an unquestionably reliable, resourceful, and honest team player.  In addition, her attention to detail and time constraints are top-notch.  She also exhibited a true commitment and understanding when it came to the necessity of conducting herself in a manner congruent with the utmost level of confidentiality when exposed to sensitive information.


In thoughtful consideration of all of the above traits she possesses, I can - without reservation - highly recommend Carrie McWherter for any task you entrust to her.


Linh Doan

Carrie has been such an open, reliable, positive colleague to work with. We have both been working in the Virtual Assistant industry with our respective businesses and have helped each other out many times.


She has been a great accountability partner and I can count on her to work out any issues I may encounter. I would highly recommend Carrie as a virtual assistant due to her diligence for detail and her professionalism.


She is absolutely amazing with organizing and her creative flare makes everything unique and one of a kind.

Virtual Samurai


Evelyn Sheridan

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Carrie has been working over my file folders and is about ready to start clearing up my emails. She is proving a great help to me, giving me time to devote to my business, knowing my backdrop is all in order. I trust her immensely. 

and Wellness Consultant


Linda Fankboner

Carrie McWherter is a Virtual Assistant that I have been working with and having her assistance in the operation of my LinkedIn account. She is very knowledgeable and makes things easy to understand. She is trustworthy, patient, and very competent in her skills. I highly recommend her for any Virtual Assistant needs you may have.

Shaklee Ambassador


Debbie Barker 

International Reiki Master

Carrie nails it EVERYTIME!  Anytime I need help, she is there.  She made me a cheat sheet in the form of a video to help me learn how to use mailchimp.  Before this, I had to keep trying to remember what I used to know (I only use mailchimp 2 or 3 times a year).  And she has the patience of a saint when answering my questions.  Carrie is very knowledgeable on a number of VA subjects, so I say give her a try - you'll be so happy you did!  Thank you Carrie for all you do for me.


Randi Lee

Ruby Ribbon Stylist

Carrie was such a reliable, positive team member. In direct sales, we worked together, for our respective businesses, and our team. She helped me out with social media and organizing many times. She was a great accountability partner and I could count on her to work out any issues I may encounter. I highly recommend Carrie as a virtual assistant due to her diligence in detail and professionalism. She is absolutely amazing with organizing and her creative flare makes everything unique and one of a kind.

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