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Day To Day

  • Schedule and manage client appointments, as well as your calendar

  • Set up automated appointment scheduling and link your calendar to your website

  • Screen/answer emails

  • Set up a system for labeling, replying or filing incoming emails

  • Enter contact information and manage your client database

  • Order supplies, equipment, and business gifts

  • Pay bills

  • Client invoicing and follow-up on outstanding invoices

Website Maintenance

  • Review and critique for improvements 

  • Updates/Changes (WIX & Squarespace)

  • Landing pages for events

Creative Designs and Communications

  • Business cards

  • Custom-designed email signatures

  • Flyers/Posters/Brochures

  • Facebook/LinkedIn posts

  • Invitations/Thank Yous​

  • Quiz building​

  • Format, create images for, and publish your newsletter

  • Set up automation/funnels for follow-up emails

  • Set up and manage your social media pages and updates

  • Content posting and repurposing

  • Post articles, special products, and events to your social media accounts

Often Missed Important Tasks

  • Organize documents and images into folders

  • Proofreading

  • Research to find just the person, place, or thing you’re looking for, whether it’s a software solution, a hotel to host an event, or the latest technology

  • Set up recurring payment transactions

  • Data entry

  • Password management





Here are a few examples of my services.
If you don't see what you need, just ask!



All In Order With Carrie Virtual Debit Card

Laura Harstad Photography-4512.jpg

I have an easy approach to pricing:

  • $60 an hour for my services, available in a 10-hour package

  • $80 an hour for my services, available in a 5-hour package

  • $95 for hours booked individually

In all cases, I offer these as an “All In Order With Carrie Virtual Debit Card.” You buy the quantity you want upfront and use it at whatever pace and for whatever services (or combination) you like. The debit card is good for six months from the date of purchase. No contracts or monthly minimums are required.

Schedule 30 minutes with me to find out how we might work together.

It’s free.  It’s 30 minutes.  It’s all about you.

Carrie Debit Card
"Carrie has been working over my file folders and is about ready to start clearing up my emails. She is proving a great help to me, giving me time to devote to my business, knowing my backdrop is all in order. I trust her immensely."   

Evelyn Sheridan

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Carrie nails it EVERYTIME!  Anytime I need help, she is there.  She made me a cheat sheet in the form of a video to help me learn how to use mailchimp.  Before this, I had to keep trying to remember what I used to know (I only use mailchimp 2 or 3 times a year).  And she has the patience of a saint when answering my questions.  Carrie is very knowledgeable on a number of VA subjects, so I say give her a try - you'll be so happy you did! 
Thank you Carrie for all you do for me.

International Reiki Master

Debbie Barker

"As soon as I met Carrie, I knew she was the right VA for me.  Carrie understood exactly what I needed and was asking for, unlike other VAs I had interviewed.  With each project I send her way, Carrie quickly delivers exactly what I want and more.  Working with Carrie has been an asset in getting my coaching business up and running."  

Jen Nelson Coaching

Jen Nelson

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