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I'm happy to speak with you at any time to help improve the background details of your business. If your needs are outside the scope of my expertise, I can most likely refer you to someone who can help.

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All In Order With Carrie

All In Order With Carrie

Carrie McWherter

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Client Praise


I am delighted to recommend Carrie as a virtual assistant of exceptional competence. She came highly recommended and played a pivotal role in my Summer Style Lab Workshops.


Her remarkable ability to engage potential clients on Facebook and LinkedIn led to a substantial increase in workshop registrations. Carrie’s meticulous coordination and proactive approach ensured a seamless participant experience.


With her support, I welcomed nearly 30 new participants, making the workshops a resounding success. Carrie’s expertise and dedication make her an excellent choice for your virtual assistant needs. 

Courtney Robinson

Speaker & Style Mentor

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