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Location, Location, Location

Do you have a designated office space?

Our son was home all of August. My office is his old bedroom, so for 4-5 weeks, I had to use the kitchen table as my desk. I was cramming things back into my laptop bag each time we needed to eat a meal and trying to make sure things looked nice behind me (or that there wasn’t any glare from the different windows) for zoom meetings. Not a good long-term solution! And certainly not the most productive one!

First I want to say that you don't need a separate room for an office. It can be an area in your bedroom, your kitchen, or another space in your house. I didn’t have a desk for years but used a bookshelf for my business items with containers for files, office supplies, and everything I needed for my small business. Just be sure you can stay focused in the room you choose to do your work.

Here are some important things to consider when setting up your office space.

  • Having a desk, primarily if you regularly work at a computer (like most of us do), will make you much more productive, so you don’t have to set things up each time you are ready to work! 

  • Finding a quiet place where you will not be distracted is essential. Sitting at the kitchen table, I thought about the dishes that needed to be washed, the cleaning I could do, or what I would make for supper. And well, let’s be honest, it was easier to get up and have a snack that I probably didn’t need anyways! Our dogs wanted my attention constantly.

  • Once you have picked your designated space, decide what size desk or table you will need to use your time effectively. Do you want drawers? Do you use multiple monitors? Do you need baskets or containers for office supplies? Having a place for everything allows you to keep things organized--for example: to locate documents for clients or papers needed at tax time. And don't forget a comfortable chair! 

You will find that having a designated workspace will not only help you be productive but will allow you to distinguish between your "work" time and your "personal" time:

at your desk = working
away from your desk = doing things you love with the people you love 


It keeps things balanced with clear, defined boundaries.

Things I Can't Live Without: My Janome 6600 Sewing Machine and SewEzi Table

Are you a quilter?

The 6600 is my big sewing machine. I’ve owned a few machines over the years; this is by far my favorite. It is quiet for its size and has lots of “throat space” (meaning when I want to quilt my quilts, I can fit the fabric through the opening of the machine body.)


Combined with my SewEzi Table, I have a good surface for a small cutting mat and ruler. It is portable, making it easy to load up and take to sewing weekends throughout the year.


I have a designated craft room set up with a place for everything I need--I can be both creative and productive.

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