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Clear Clutter, Clear Mind: Spring Clean Your Digital World!

It's Spring and the perfect time to do some Spring Cleaning, right? And yes, that includes your digital workspace, too. Before you dive in head first, take a deep breath and remember: tackle one thing at a time. There's no need to overwhelm yourself by trying to sort out every file or folder all at once.

Just as a cluttered kitchen can distract you from cooking, a cluttered digital workspace can distract you from your work. Start with your digital files. Begin by deleting duplicates, wrapping up old projects, and removing unnecessary images or documents that take up space. This is about creating a digital environment that enhances your focus and productivity.

Once you've cleared the clutter, it's time to take control. Group your digital files into clearly labeled folders. Think of these as your digital pantry, with categories like 'Clients,' 'Expenses/Income,' and 'Branding/Website Photos.' This simple act will empower you to find what you need when you need it without the stress of sifting through a cluttered digital drawer.

Just like you wouldn’t let your kitchen drawers fill up with unnecessary items (that’s what the junk drawer is for!), don’t let your digital storage become a mess. Regularly clean out those digital nooks and crannies. Old projects you’ll never return to? Random downloads you can’t even remember saving? It’s time for them to go. Clearing out the digital debris will help you maintain a streamlined and efficient workspace.

My top tip for decluttering effectively? Set a timer.

I’ve learned from FlyLady that even just 15 minutes can make a huge difference.

Apply this in bursts—spend 15 minutes renaming files and another 15 organizing them into new homes on your desktop or in the cloud.

Start with the Downloads folder, a notorious hideout for forgotten files.

Organize your main folders, too. For example, I have a 'Client' folder with subfolders for each client, labeled with their first and last name. This not only saves time when searching for files but also keeps your digital workspace neat and manageable. Don’t forget about your online storage, either. How many times have you opened a Google Sheet just to check a template and then left it to digital decay? Take a moment to clear out these unused documents.

If all this sounds daunting, remember, I'm here to help you get everything in order (it’s in my business name!).

I can remotely log in to your computer and organize your files for you, allowing you to focus on something more fun.

Set that timer, and let's get started! Spring cleaning your digital space can be just as satisfying as refreshing your home.

Clear focus. Clear files. Clear mind. I call that a win-win!


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