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Got 15 Minutes? ⏰

How Can You Use a Timer in Your Business?

Do you ever have trouble staying focused? Do you get distracted by emails or text messages? Try setting a timer for 15 minutes! Not only do I use my timer for decluttering, cleaning and organizing my house, but I also use it in my business. Start your timer with 15 minutes while working on a task and ignore any notifications until the timer goes off. Or re-check yourself to see if you need to set it again to get back on track!


How do you get so much done in a day?

This is a question I often get asked. I'm not a natural organizer but have picked up many hints and helps over the years! When our children were small and I was trying to run my first small business, I needed a way to get things done around the house and still have time for business, too.

I read LOTS of books and tried many different methods and now even listen to podcasts. I've learned lots of tips along the way. "FlyLady" is a system where you get daily emails with tasks to complete. It proved to be a great resource for me at the time and I still use many of her teachings today. According to FlyLady, "Your home did not get dirty in one day, and it will not get clean in a day either." Decluttering comes before having an organized house (or business!). FlyLady's principle is that "Anyone can do anything for 15 minutes!" Think about the emails, files, and pictures you have saved in your business. Are you often looking around and unable to find things? I have folders on my desktop and email inbox set up to make important files easy to track down. Declutter the things you don't need anymore, and then organize what you do need into folders. As new things come in, save them in the appropriate place or delete (or archive) if you don't need them. Do this right away so it isn't sitting there until later. Label files and pictures in a way you can find them easily with a search. Remember, it is okay to delegate these tasks, too!


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