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Turning Setbacks Into Set-Ups: Strategies For Progress During Standstills

“It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.”

“It will cost twice as much and take twice as long as you planned.”

If these quotes sound familiar, you probably know that I’m talking about remodeling. We’re in the middle of a major remodel that started out as a minor job.

A little wet spot in the ceiling has turned into replacing all of the ceilings in the kitchen and dining rooms—wood, drywall, and insulation. Our interior solution has morphed into tearing off and replacing the entire roof in the spring. The same one that we just replaced three years ago.

Some sneaky shingles that weren’t removed at that time have now come back to cause trouble.

We’ve had over 20” of snow so far, followed by double-digit negative temps here in Iowa. It will be at least March, if not April, before the weather cooperates and we can move forward with the new roof. I’m ready for a little warm-up and no snow!

I’m also ready to move on to other projects, but not having at least one room finished is frustrating. So, we’re at a standstill.

In business, things sometimes come to a standstill, too. But there are some activities that you can do to keep moving forward.

For me, it means more networking. Meet more people! Reach out to entrepreneurs I’ve talked to in the past. Schedule more 1:1 meetings to build relationships.

Another area of focus is to catch up on tasks that have fallen by the wayside while I’ve been focused on client work. Clean up my email inbox. Filing those random documents that have been living on my desktop into folders. Working ahead on my monthly newsletter and workshops.

Even though the house projects are on hold, my husband has pivoted and is changing the axles on our Jeep while we wait for warmer temperatures. I’m getting quilt projects finished up!

Are you at a standstill in some area of your life? Look around and see if there’s another area where you might be able to make some progress. Check your to-do list for some inspiration. And I’m just a click away if you’d like to set up a time and see where we can move the needle forward in your business.

Here's to overcoming delays and finding new avenues for growth. Until next time, keep moving forward with purpose. 


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